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Art is a true form of self-expression. The body can be a beautiful, permanent canvas for such expressions. When looking for a tattoo artist, make sure you go to someone who is dedicated to his craft and has plenty of experience. Thirty Six Black art collective is a local tattoo and art gallery in Orlando, FL. Our gallery and tattoo art focuses on dark horror and macabre themes. As such, most of our tattoos are grey and black in color, making them timeless and hauntingly beautiful.

Everything we do is art-driven and inspired. To that end, we’re not just a tattoo shop. We’re also an art gallery. We have different types of art from local, national, and international artists that are displayed and rotated each month. Most of the themes revolve around horror and frightening images that can be classified as macabre. Along with art, we also sell skulls, odd taxidermy, and other similar items.

20 Years of Tattoo Experience

The number of visits a custom tattoo takes to finish depends on the size of the tattoo. No matter what type of design you want though, you can trust our high-end custom tattoo shop to capture the desired look and theme because we take time to consult with you beforehand. With 20 years of experience, our resident tattoo artist has the necessary skills to see to your satisfaction.

Most of our tattoos are done freehand, meaning we don’t typically use a marker to trace the outline of the tattoo beforehand. Many of our customers are surprised when they see this, but as professionals, we believe freehand design allows us to adapt the tattoos to the curvature of the body, giving it a more realistic and aesthetic look that suits the client’s body.

Our tattoo artists are here to help make your ideas and designs come to life. If you’re not sure what design you want, consult with our tattoo experts today. Our tattoo artists can help you create any ideas you have and even suggest new ideas that go along with your central theme. We accept walk-ins, All appointments require a deposit of $150.

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